Packers staff visits Winter Park

By Jennifer Schneider, Kewaunee County Public Information Officer
Kewaunee County hosted some special visitors on Wednesday, as staff with the Green Bay Packers made a stop at Winter Park in Kewaunee.

This comes as the Packers work on a sledding hill feature for its Titletown District.
The purpose of the visit was to walk the six-lane tubing hill and look at snow equipment, while gathering some insight on what it can take to run an operation of this nature.
“It’s a lot of work, Winter Park is no small feat. We sometimes have crews here 24-hours a
day, making snow and grooming the terrain. This is new territory for the Green Bay Packers and after talking with staff, I believe that they’re ready for the challenge,” said Dave Myers, Kewaunee County Promotion & Recreation Director.
In the two weeks that Winter Park in Kewaunee County has been open to the public, there have been nearly 2,000 visitors on the hills, skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing.
“We see people from different states each year and periodically from other countries, as well. This year, we’ve already had visitors check-in from Texas and Minnesota, which is
what makes having something like this so much fun to run,” said Jennifer Schneider, Kewaunee County Tourism Coordinator/Public Information Officer.
For updates on Winter Park conditions, visitors can call the Kewaunee County Promotion & Recreation 24-Hour Hotline at (920) 388-7199.