Video series spotlights veterans services and benefits

Kewaunee County Veterans Service Officer Jane Babcock is included in a series of eight videos that describe services and benefits available to veterans from the federal and state governments.

During her annual report to the County Board, Babcock noted she is now a member of the executive committee of the County Veterans Service Officers Association of Wisconsin as public affairs officer.

The videos were produced with the help of the Wisconsin Eye public affairs television network.

[Editor’s note: The video featuring Jane Babcock is the eighth of the eight videos (8/8); the series begins with former Kewaunee County VSO Joe Aulik. If your browser shows Aulik, click the playlist icon in the upper lefthand corner to see a dropdown menu of all eight videos including the one with Babcock.]

During her report to the Kewaunee County Board, Babcock also noted that department secretary Tara LaCrosse is now accredited with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

“With our permanent access to the Veterans Affairs computer system, that means that she can do more benefit research,” Babcock said. “When we have a claim that’s represented by the VFW, up until now she’s had to come and ask me to check on the status or to look up something in the financial system or any things like that. Now she’s accredited with the VFW, so she can do a lot more for us.”

Babcock said Marines or Navy veterans who served at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, between August 1953 and December 1987 should contact their county veterans service office to learn more about a long-term water contamination problem at the camp that is now being addressed.

“They have shown that they were dumping the dry-cleaning fluids into the ground, which was then going into the groundwater and coming back out of the taps on post,” she said. “The federal government will provide some financial medical support for family members – the children, spouses, anybody who was there – and for theveterans themselves. They are about to publish come March the list of eight recognized illnesses, including a couple cancers, that are recognized to be scientifically proven to be related to the chemicals in the dry-cleaning fluid.”

Veterans who served there during that time should contact the office (920-388-7198) make sure they’re receiving any help they need, Babcock said.