Town to discuss nuke plant lawsuit settlement

Kewaunee Power Station. Photo by Royalbroil – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Carlton Town Board has scheduled a special meeting for 10 a.m. Saturday to consider a possible settlement of the town’s dispute with the owners of the decommissioned Kewaunee Power Station nuclear plant.

Dominion Energy Kewaunee Inc. filed suit in 2015 and 2016 over the town’s assessment of the plant at $457 million – $245.7 for the buildings and waterfront land and $210 million for personal property owned by the company. The suit claims the power station that closed in 2013 is essentially worthless and the personal property is worth about $1.28 million.

A trial is tentatively scheduled to begin Feb. 28 in Kewaunee County Circuit Court before Door County Judge D. Todd Ehlers.

The Town Board agenda calls for a period of public comment followed by “consideration to take possible action to resolve the Dominion v. Town of Carlton lawsuits … concerning the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant’s tax assessment appeals.”

The meeting is at the Carlton Town Hall, N1296 Town Hall Road.