Kewaunee accepts tree planting grant

cropped-kewaunee-lighthouse.jpgThe Kewaunee City Council on Monday accepted a $5,000 grant from American Transmision Company (ATC) to be used for tree planting around the city.

The resolution passed 6-0 and was posted on the city’s website:

WHEREAS: The City of Kewaunee is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of living and the natural environment in the city and recognizes the importance of community tree planting projects to achieve this objective; and

WHEREAS: The City of Kewaunee recognizes the need to commit local funds for various community tree planting projects, but is always interested in seeking alternate funding sources for these efforts; and

WHEREAS: The City of Kewaunee applied for a Community Tree Planting Grant from the American Transmission Company (ATC); and

WHEREAS: ATC has approved of this application and awarded the City of Kewaunee a $5,000 financial grant to be of assistance with this effort.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the City Council of Kewaunee gratefully accepts these funds on behalf of the citizens of the City.

BE IT further RESOLVED: That the City of Kewaunee agrees to practice compatible planting activities that are consistent with ATC’s transmission line safety and maintenance standards.