County Board approves appointments

Kewaunee County Board Chairman Robert Weidner, center front, addresses supervisors as County Administrator Scott Feldt, right, listens. Photo by Warren Bluhm

The Kewaunee County Board last week unanimously approved a number of appointments to various boards and committees, effective Jan. 1.

Appointments submitted by County Administrator Scott Feldt:

Children’s Community Options Program (COP) and B-3 Program Advisory Committee, three-year terms through Dec. 31, 2019: Sara Funk, Carly Merrill, Jessica Miller, Jenny Shaw, Mike Shaw, Child COP representatives; Cindy Kinnard, Public Health; Tracy Ledvina, Tami Prucha, Kewaunee Schools; Glenn Schlender, Luxemburg-Casco Schools; Nick Cochart, Algoma Schools; Dan Holstead, Advocates for Healthy Transitional Living; Tina Parak, Carol Stuebs, Maureen O’Shea, Melissa Annoye, Human Services.

Coordinated Services Teams Advisory Committee, three-year terms through Dec. 31, 2019: Lori Nellis, Rhonda Rummell, child welfare; Sue Norton, Joanne Tulachka, mental health representatives; Melissa Annoye, developmental disabilities and Family Support Program representative; Jeff Wisnicky, representative appointed by the judge; Nick Cochart, Glen Schlender, Karen Treml, school district representatives; Cindy Kinnard, county Health Department representative; Dave Cornelius, Matt Joski, law enforcement representatives; Terry Schleis, Economic Support representative; Heather Gozdzialski, Dan Holstead, Jane Lepak, Deborah Moutry, Community Service providers; Tracy Anderegg, Tia Bellisle, Jessica Day, Jolene Sisel, Mark Stanchik, Rosie Stanchik, CST representatives.

Transportation Committee, three-year terms through Dec. 31, 2019: Dan Daul, volunteer driver; Julie Devries, transportation provider; Wendy Hutterer, county ADRC; Melissa Annoye, Jodi Vandervest, Human Services; Cindy Kinnard, Public Health; Jane Babcock, Veterans Affairs; Dave Cornelius, Sheriff’s Department; Tracy Nollenberg, Emergency Management; and community service providers Tracy Nelsen, ESI; Marcia Batt, Atrium Post Acute Care of Kewaunee; Laurie Bouche, transportation coordinator, Helping Hands; Pam Busch, Door-Tran; and Mary Kay Messman, Linden Manor.

ADRC Board, three-year term through Dec. 31, 2019: Christine Vandermuss, Algoma.

Commission on Aging, three-year term through Dec. 31, 2019: Helen Clinton, Kewaunee.

Kewaunee County Library Board, three-year term through Dec. 31, 2019: Jan Tess, Kewaunee; Karen Treml, Luxemburg.

Veterans Service Commission, three-year term through Dec. 31, 2019: Nellie DeBaker, Luxemburg.

Human Services Board, three-year term through Dec. 31, 2019: Mark Buchanan, Kewaunee; Shirley Kirchman, Algoma.

The board also approved appointments to the EMS Council submitted by County Board Chairman Robert Weidner:

Two-year terms through Dec. 31, 2018: Joe Steiner, ambulance; Francis Wojta, Bruce Depeau, Greg Hlinak, fire; Steve Tadisch, Susie Sevcik, Kay Stodola, first responders; to be determined, hospital/physician; Frank Salentine, city police; Chris VanErem, county sheriff; Tracy Nollenberg, Emergency Management; Pat Benes, county government.

One-year terms through Dec. 31, 2017: Dan Opicka, Kelly Koss, ambulance; Tom Vandenack, Lew DuChateau, Jeff Chalupny, Dave Bielinski, fire; Dr. Chris Sorrells, hospital/physician; Greg Paplham, Brad LeGreve, Kris Olszewski, first responders; John Massart, city police; Dave Cornelius, county sheriff; Jeff Vollenweider, citizen at large.